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I use many different contractors and ONLY recommend ones that I feel did an excellent job in the past and were fair with me and my clients. However, all contractors are different, all situations are different, personnel changes, people have bad days, etc.

I cannot guarantee the contractor's work or your satisfaction. If something goes wrong, I am truly sorry. Please use contractors at your discretion. Feel free to research and use ANY contractor you would like.  

***I do NOT personally or financially benefit from any recommendations I give***


Steve Keifer
WIN Home Inspection Henderson
(702) 374-5551

WIN Home Inspection Henderson is here to help you with your real estate transaction. Whether you are a home buyer, home seller or a homeowner, from a Pre-Listing Inspection to a Full Home Inspection, WIN Henderson provides a thorough, objective analysis of your home.

Green Tech Inspections.PNG

Jason Rivera

Green Tech Home Inspections 
(702) 701-3782

At GreenTech Home Inspections, we know the importance of choosing a home inspector who will not only provide you with a comprehensive inspection report but also a detailed explanation of the included information. As a green company, we are committed to following environmentally-friendly practices. 

Criterium McWilliam Inspection.PNG

Criterium-McWilliam Engineers

Home Inspections

(702) 294-3160

There was a time not all that long ago when the standard advice for consumers was:  “Buyer Beware.”  We’ve always considered “Buyer Be Prepared” a much better strategy, and a Criterium-McWilliam Engineers home inspection is designed for precisely that purpose:  To prepare buyers for a home purchase by helping them learn as much as possible about the home they are planning to buy.

Bridge Home Inspections.PNG

Bridge Home Inspections (702) 722-2222

Bridge Home Inspections is here to serve you. We want to provide you with the information you need to make informed, intelligent decisions concerning the purchase of your new home. Buying a new home is an exciting time but can also be very stressful. We take very seriously your confidence in us and will work hard to earn your complete satisfaction. After 8 years and TWENTY THOUSAND Inspections performed in the Las Vegas area we have encountered every imaginable situation and circumstance

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